The Good Food Foundation

The Good Food Foundation has its eyes set on the expansion of three types of food - tasty, authentic and responsible eats. With today’s food industry so heavily dominated by major producers and conglomerates, there is little room for the small town maker or local entrepreneur to succeed. The Good Food Foundation was created in response to this ever-shrinking window of opportunity so many are facing. Through five programs - the Good Food Awards, Guild, Merchant’s Alliance, Mercantile and Fund, the company is working to increase support and exposure for those who are producing food without the resources available to larger corporations.  


The Good Food Mercantile program was created in order to level the playing field for food makers who are fighting an uphill battle to gain exposure. Trade shows are often overwhelmed with hundreds of vendors and only those with the necessary resources are able to make a splash. At Good Food’s shows, each vendor is given the same sized booth and entry fees are kept low so as to encourage participation rather than exclusivity. It is here that food makers are able to gather together and be reminded that they are part of a larger movement of crafters valuing “quality, care and craftsmanship”. Since it began in 2015, the Mercantile project has seen enormous success and has expanded beyond New York to include shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Nancy Brown, Foodlyn’s founder, attends all three Good Food events each year. It is here that we are able to meet and recruit the food makers that eventually end up selling their products on It is due to our confidence in Good Food that we draw so many of our crafters from this special community that comes together each year.  Without these unique gatherings, those without the resources of a major corporation would never be seen by organizations such as our and would be left to struggle in an industry which is often not set up for their success. Foodlyn stands with Good Food and applauds the invaluable work they are doing in continuing to empower and support those with a vision for responsible, high quality, tasty food. 

Despite the challenges posed by covid-19 during 2020, the Good Food Mercantile launched a series of weekly virtual tasting events.  These events give crafters a unique opportunity to reach buyers across the US who have specifically indicated interest in their products.  Each crafter is given an equal period of time to step buyers through a tasting of their products, plus a discussion of the unique process and ingredients used in producing the end product.  The virtual tasting events have been extremely successful and has received rave reviews from all participants.  It is a testament to the commitment that the Good Food Mercantile has to supporting small business makers despite the challenges we all faced in 2020.