Different Things to do with Apples this Fall

by Molly Bradley


When you’re up to your ears in fruit after a day of apple-picking, you’ve gotta get more creative than pie. Here are some fresh ideas for a new season.

Fall means apple-picking season, which is always followed by sick-of-apples season. Instead of exhausting such a beautiful fruit with the delicious but overplayed staples — apple pie, baked apples, plain old cider — why not try something new? It’s 2017. Let’s liven things up a little.

  1. Forget caramel apples: you haven’t lived until you’ve made a caramel-apple cake. This recipe by Liz Horne, of the blog Sweet Things by Lizzie, makes more the most delectable, indulgent apple confection we’ve ever had.
  1. Do savory apples. So often, we use apples to bake, to toss into fruit salad, or to eat as a little natural kick of sweetness. But there are so many amazing savory uses for apples that give a dish a whole new flavor.

Try the flavor in this apple brandy mustard by Victoria Amory. The sweetness of apple and brown sugar perfectly balances the tanginess of mustardseed to create a refreshing and mouth-watering addition to cheese and crackers, sandwiches, or even salad dressings.

  1. Sure, you’ve had apple cider, and you’ve even had it spiked. But with the addition of maple, another staple fall flavor, and just the right bourbon, you’re on a new playing field. Try this recipe for an apple maple bourbon cocktail, and you’ll never go back to cider.
  1. For another twist on traditional cider, try pairing it with classic chai flavors. It’s both of your favorite fall drinks in one.
  1. Instead of filling linzer cookies with the traditional raspberry filling, try apple conserves or apple butter. With the butteriness of the cookies and the sweet, oozing fruit inside, they’re the perfect, bite-sized fall treat.

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