The Best Cookies in....Greenpoint, Brooklyn

by Molly Bradley


If you’re a Brooklynite with a sweet tooth, get yourself to the neighborhood, stat.

When you’re craving cookies, there’s nothing to be done but succumb. Cookies are comforting, with their buttery taste and cakey texture, and you usually don’t have to go way out of your way to get one that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

But “a cookie” is a far cry from “the best cookies” in wherever you happen to be, and no one should have to settle for a mediocre cookie when there are outstanding ones close at hand.

We’ll cover the best cookies in the different boroughs in New York City, throughout San Francisco, and hopefully in other cities as we can get to them. But first, we’re starting local, with the best three cookies in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Casa Cookie from Archestratus

This is the chocolate chip cookie unlike you’ve ever seen it before, and the reasons why are made known to you upfront, where the ingredients are displayed on the cookie’s label in the display case: the dough involves almond paste and pine nuts.

The cookie is wide in diameter, but not tall: it’s the ideal spread for a chocolate chip cookie, really.

The chocolate chunks are honest-to-God chunks, and they’re dark but sweet — and always melty, even when you come in for a cookie in the wintertime. In fact, the core of the cookie always seems perfectly melty: a result of the fact that the cookie is just slightly underbaked in the middle, but principally the fact that almond paste is the secret star.

The overall result? An incredibly pleasing softness to sink your teeth in, with firmer, browned edges that taste nutty and caramelized. We will never stop coming back for this cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Ovenly

There is no choosing a favorite baked good from Ovenly. It’s not possible. There are too many things to choose from, and all of them are good. From tall iced cakes to soft, sweet breads; from [something] to plain old chocolate chip cookies: it’s all immaculate.

The most impressive thing about Ovenly is that their chocolate chip cookie actually doesn’t remotely qualify for the term “plain old.” Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, but Ovenly’s are unconventionally good.

The winning qualities, in our book, of their CCC is its texture, somewhere between fluffy and chewy; the chocolate chips it uses, which are nothing short of heavenly; and the fact that salt plays a noticeable but not overpowering role. Salt, butter, chocolate: there’s nothing better. 

Peanut Butter Cookie from Ovenly

Salt is also the key to Ovenly’s peanut butter cookie’s outstanding success. The cookie itself doesn’t look particularly impressive: it’s on the small side, though puffed tall, and it’s a uniform dark orange in color.

But bite into it: it’s at once firm and soft, at once chewy and dissolving in your mouth, and, most importantly, it tastes buttery and cookielike without actually tasting especially sweet. Finally, the kick of salt is what makes this one worth coming back for.

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