Upgrade your Bacon

by Molly Bradley


Some bacon novelties to put a new spin on a solid favorite

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everything is better when you add bacon. But it’s actually not always necessarily good idea to just cook up some bacon and throw it on an existing meal that’s complete in its own right.

So how to best live the dream and get bacon into as many meals as possible? We have a few bacon-laden products that are not only insanely delicious, but brilliant and delightfully unusual in the way they incorporate bacon.

  1. Bacon Marmalade

Eat This, a foodmaker in Erwinna, PA, clearly had a eureka moment in figuring out how to get bacon into one of the least likely condiments: marmalade. Combined with balsamic-caramelized onion, orange, garlic and thyme, this bacon marmalade becomes the ideal morning spread. Talk about breakfast of champions.

  1. Bacon Bourbon Maple Caramels

Just think about that for a second: Bacon. Bourbon. Maple. Caramels. There’s not much else to say, except that La Petite Occasion, the Mahopac, NY-based foodmaker, makes the softest, most satisfying caramels — made even more satisfying by that smoky bacon taste. These make an amazing gift for bacon-loving friends and family — or just a gift to your bacon-loving self.

  1. Nonna’s Vegan Amatriciana with Eggplant Bacon

Amatriciana sauce, in its original form, is a simple Italian classic: tomatoes, onion, red pepper, and pancetta or prosciutto. It’s bright, rich, and comforting in all the right ways, especially over a big bowl of your favorite pasta — which is why it’s a crying shame that the experience is one vegetarians don’t get to partake in.

Which leads us to City Saucery, based in New York. They make a delectable, totally vegan amatriciana sauce that incorporates eggplant and a smoky flavor that gives the sauce the perfect hearty kick that meat would otherwise give it. Vegetarians and vegans, you’re actually not missing anything: this sauce is absolute perfection.

  1. Beer Biscuits with Bacon Dog Treats

While you’ve been thinking about how much you love bacon, you’ve been neglecting someone else who loves bacon: your dog. Let your pup participate in baconpalooza with Portland Pet Food Company’s biscuits made from spent grains from beer production at breweries around Portland.

So one of these nights, crack open a beer, make something with bacon, and treat your pup to the very same. Enjoy!


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