Fancy Snacks to Up Your Game

by Molly Bradley


Ready to graduate from chips and salsa? Level up with these classy, delicious treats.


Outside of full meals, there’s probably nothing better in the world than snacking. But chances are, you’ve either gotten bored of or outgrown months-past-expiration vending-machine Cheetos and the office jug of Hershey’s kisses that you’re fairly certain is the same batch from the Valentine’s Day before last. Not to mention the fact that when your friends come over, gesturing vaguely to the dregs in your pantry is no longer an acceptable way to provide for guests.

For your sake and for your loved ones’, it’s about time you classed up your snack game. Ditch the Wheat Thins — no offense to our slender salty friends; they’re amazing, just a little overplayed — and pick up something along these lines:

  1. Old Dog Ranch Maple Organic Walnuts

Old Dog Ranch does one thing, and does it better than anyone else: makes walnuts. (And nut products.) You’d be hard-pressed to come across better fresh raw walnuts, but what’s really attention-grabbing are their flavored walnuts. They’re all flavored with natural, organic ingredients, and coated in such a way that the flavors don’t overpower the taste of the walnuts themselves.

Their maple walnuts, instead of being the sticky toothache most candied walnuts are, are light, crispy, and just a little sweet, making for the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar for a ride.

Old Dog Ranch’s nuts also come in other, equally delicious flavors: rosemary, chocolate, whiskey spice. All of them are as elegant as they are delicious. Do not deprive yourself.

  1. Orange Ginger Turkey Jerky

Jerky is a classic snack. Turkey jerky is a healthful update to that age-old snack. And orange-ginger turkey jerky is a positively sophisticated upgrade and an enviable treat.

  1. Levantine Za’atar Almonds

If you haven’t tried za’atar, you’re in for a world of flavor. It’s a typically Middle Eastern blend of herbs that include oregano, thyme, savory, sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt, and other spices, depending on where you find your blend.

Spice Foods updates classic almonds with this zingy flavor, and ensures that every other kind of nut seasoning will taste bland forever after.

  1. The Vine Mango Habañero Salsa

There’s nothing better than a fruit-accented salsa — mango, pineapple, peach — to up your salsa game. — Except adding a note of hot pepper on top of that. Somehow, The Vine’s mango habañero salsa manages to please both sweet teeth and heat seekers. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips.

  1. Green Tomato Chutney
Honestly, this one speaks for itself. The seeming rarity of green tomatoes and the classiness of chutney combine to give you one ridiculously delicious spread for toast, crackers, cheese, and all of those together.

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