Hot Sauces That Change the Game

by Molly Bradley


A little spice for the heat lovers in your life.

We all know someone who’s really, really, really into hot sauce.

Or maybe we are that person.

[photo of our fridge/hot sauce collection]

But whether you’re a hardcore hot sauce collector or a newbie just venturing into the world of edible heat, your adventures should never be boring. We have a collection of unusual — and unusually delicious — hot sauces that change the game.

1. Habañero Sriracha — Kitchen Garden Farm

If you’re a sriracha person who can handle a little more heat, Kitchen Garden Farm makes their sauce out of habañero peppers. This stuff is as bright and sharp in taste as in color, and it’ll definitely kick your meal up a couple notches.

2. Fire Syrup — Little Bird Kitchen

And now, for something completely different: here’s a jalapeño-infused simple syrup to really change things up. If you like spicy at all costs and on actually everything, try putting this in your tea, your oatmeal, drizzled on a gourmet pizza — even on your ice cream.

Important to mention, too, that this syrup won 2nd place in the World Hot Sauce awards and has won 5 Scovie Awards — named for Wilbur Scoville, the scientist who invented the Scoville test to measure heat units in chile peppers. Yikes.

3. Sriracha Ghee — Simply Ghee

Sometimes the issue with hot sauce is that it stands out too much: the flavor of whatever you’re eating is muted beneath the sting of the sauce, however delicious it is.

Not this Sriracha Ghee. It’s the perfect blend of smooth, buttery goodness and tangy, playful spice, and the butteriness melts perfectly into the flavor of your food. You have to try this.


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