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Jerk Sauce and Marinade 12oz

Like our marinade, our Jerk Sauce (Finalist in the 2016 Flavor of GA Food Product Contest) contains a blend of Indian & Jamaican spices and our culinary influences.  It has a rich smoky flavor, filled with an essence of fruit that goes from not too sweet to heat.  Our Jerk Sauce can be used as a BBQ Sauce, but it much more than that as it also can be used at all stages of the cooking process as a marinade (before cooking), a flavor enhancer (during cooking), or a condiment (after cooking). 

Galangso Jerk Sauce is naturally gluten-free.  It contains no corn syrup or soy-based ingredients.  It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Our Jerk Sauce is a combination of a cooking sauce and marinade.  The spice level ranges from mild-medium.  The Net Wt. 12 Oz. jar contents can be used with as your primary marinade/rub or used to supplement your other dishes such as stews, etc.

Our Jerk Sauce can be used right away if you’re in a hurry, but we recommend marinating for at least an hour to overnight.  We’d also recommend using about 2 tbsp. per pound of meat or whatever else you’re cooking.  Add additional sprinkle salt or pepper as needed.  Cook however you like – grill, smoker, oven, stove-top.  It pairs well with hard cheeses, can be mixed with jams or pepper jellies and be used as a glaze, or mixed with mayonnaise (1 – 2 tbsp. per cup of mayonnaise) to make an aioli or remoulade.  Enjoy!

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