Why Food Gifts are the Best Gifts

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by Molly Bradley

There’s a reason every holiday has its own kind of food.

Choosing the perfect gift: one of life’s greatest and most mundane challenges. It should be easy, especially if you’re gifting someone you know. How hard can it be? Surely you know their general interests — art, history, golf — and can get them something a propos. Or, at the very least, you know their line of work, and can get them something useful — a supply of nice notebooks, a kitchen knife, a suit — right?

But what usually winds up happening is that you get them the go-to gift that corresponds to the one thing you know best about them over and over and over again. Even your fashion-forward friends only need so many earrings/cufflinks/ties/socks/pens.

So, barring instances where your friends are drawing up lists or providing hints, one of the best gift ideas? Food. Here’s why:

  • Everyone eats.
  • People don’t usually buy themselves extravagant but non-vital things like fancy condiments, nice chocolates, or special-occasion spices, but they always like them.
  • There’s something uniquely caring and nourishing about feeding a loved one (or even just a liked one).
  • You might turn them on to an ingredient, foodmaker, or entire food group that they get really into.
  • A food gift will never sit unused on a shelf.

So here are a few outstanding food-gift ideas that’ll suit everyone from the picky eaters to the foodies alike:

  • Raspberry Truffles with Beetroot Infusion

Part of the beauty of these chocolates is that they sound like they should taste really odd, but in reality, they taste heavenly and perfect. On top of that, you get to boast that they’re good for you. They’ll blow the mind of any chocolate junkie friend and please any health food nut in the family.

  • Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels

Salt is an extremely underrated component of desserts. It’s the difference between a regular chocolate chip cookie and an award-winning one, between a staple ice cream flavor and a sensational one, between eating one square of chocolate for dessert and vanishing the entire bar before you’re even aware of what’s happening.

If you have friends who like chocolate, they will be endlessly grateful for this gift. And if you have friends who like chocolate but who have never tried salted dark chocolate, you should order these immediately as gifts for both those friends and for yourself.

  • Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter

We understand that there are nut butter purists in the world, who swear by Jif or Skippy and will never stray. But even those people are likely to be swayed by not just a stellar almond butter, but this cinnamon maca almond butter.

The ingredients are unbelievably simple — just almonds, red maca, cinnamon, coconut sugar, and vanilla — but there is so much flavor in this product, it’s hard to believe it’s handmade. They soak their almonds in pink Himalayan salt before dehydrating and grinding them, which makes all the difference. That, plus the butterscotchiness of maca, makes for a uniquely smooth, rich flavor that’s incredible on toast, sandwiches, mixed into oatmeal, or, ideally, eaten right off the spoon.

  • My Mom’s Mole

Everyone loves mole, but no one wants to take on the Herculean task of making it. A typical mole recipe requires about three days of preparation, in total, and while it’s often worth it, it doesn’t make for a readily enjoyable meal.

Which is why My Mom’s Mole is a blessing incarnate on this earth. Its founder, Cesario Ruiz, wanted to bring the flavor of his mother’s homemade mole with him from Mexico to the US — for his own sake as much as for ours. And there’s a reason it’s one of our award-winning products: we’d venture to say that his mole not just lives up to a craving for mole, but outshines any homemade effort.

  • Sourwood Covered Honeycomb

This honey won the 2017 Good Food Award, and with good cause: it’s one of the country’s most delicious and distinctive honeys, produced in the mountains of northern Georgia from the Sourwood Tree. It’s buttery, caramel-y, and in the jar of honey comes an actual, edible honeycomb, which is both delish and makes for a great garnish. This honey makes a wonderful gift that we’re honored to feature on Foodlyn, and would ourselves be honored to receive. (Ahem.)

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