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New York, NY

Classic Ginger Mule 12.7oz

Handmade from huge amounts of fresh pressed ginger juice, lime juice, and aromatic bitters, Classic Ginger Mule is one of our most popular drinks.  Insanely versatile, Classic Ginger Mule pairs well with all spirits, so it’s a perfect go-to when entertaining guests with different tastes or for turning whatever spirits you happen to have at home into delicious craft cocktails. Ginger fans love using Classic Ginger Mule to create unique twists on Whiskey Gingers, Moscow Mules, and with dark rum.

Mixing Directions: Combine 1 shot of Classic Ginger Mule with 1 shot of whiskey or another favorite spirit. Shake with ice or top with chilled sparkling water and serve on the rocks.

$ 12.00

/per bottle

Filtered water, cane sugar, ginger juice, lime juice concentrate, aromatic bitters

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