San Francisco, CA

To Peach His Own

june lady peach
with orange blossom essence

Juicy, yellow peaches are steeped in orange blossom water adding layers of floral and citrus complexity.

Our June Lady peaches come from a family-run organic orchard in the San Joaquin Valley. The June Lady peach is highly flavorful with a good acid balance and a rich meaty flesh, lending itself to a perfectly chunky yet spreadable body for jam.

Our organic orange blossom water comes from Morocco. Used widely in the Middle East, it imbues the jam with depth of flavor and complements the floral notes in the peaches.

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$ 13.95

/per jar

Organic peaches, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic orange blossom water (water, organic orange blossom extractives)

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