bumble and butter

Ithaca, NY

Rosemary with Zante Currants 8oz


Fresh rosemary in granola—you’ve never even thought of it, but you won’t be able to stop once you try it. Handpicked and locally grown, bumble & butter’s rosemary is a truly versatile and full-bodied herb that will enhance the rich base of local, organic honey and butter toasted oats. Tossed with sweet and chewy currants, each bite is a surprise of layered flavor.

Sprinkle it on top of a chopped salad, or a creamy root vegetable soup. Eat with yogurt or just with your bare hands, you can’t go wrong.

Real Ingredients, Thoughtfully Sourced.

$ 10.00

/per pack

organic whole rolled oats, local honey, grass-fed non-GMO butter, sliced almonds, organic unsweetened coconut chips, organic brown sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, organic Zante currants, organic rosemary, kosher salt

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