Gustus Vitae Condiments

Pasadena, CA

Gourmet Finishing Sea Salts and Rubs Collection 6-Tins

The Finishing Sea Salt and Rub Collection comes with six unique and individually packed tins with magnetic backing plus a 8.5" x 6.25" rectangular plate made of Grade AAA American stainless steel.   Black Truffle Sea Salt has the sharp and bold flavor of real Italian Melanosporum Truffles.  It adds strong notes to red meats and does wonders for the accompanying French fries. For a lite smoky flavor with a kick of heat, Ancho Chile Sea Salt can be rubbed deeply into chicken or steak. For the garlic lover on and off the grill, the Garlic Pepper rub gives garlic notes to whatever it is placed in-from pastas to marinades to salad. Red Cayenne Sea Salt is a hot one! Use it as a rub or seasoning for bold heat and flavor.  Paprika Sea Salt combines chili peppers and fruits. The Smoked Sea Salt provides deep and robust smoky flavor to meats while combining with real California Sea Salt to really amp up the taste buds.

Certified non-GMO, all-natural, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free.  Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.

$ 60.00

/per set

Black Truffle Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Melanosporum Black Truffle Ancho Chile Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Chili Peppers. Garlic Pepper Rub: Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, and Parsley. Red Cayenne Sea Salt: Sea Sal and Chili Peppers. Paprika Sea Salt: Sea Salt, Paprika, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors (including natural smoke), and Paprika Extracts. Smoked Sea Salt: Naturally Smoked Sea Salt

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