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We are proud to share 25% of Foodlyn profits with two excellent community-based charitable organizations.


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Your purchases on Foodlyn support America's food entrepreneurs and result in a 25% donation of our profits to community-based organizations working to eradicate hunger in the U.S.


Richmond District Neighborhood Center in San Francisco.

The RDNC Food Pantry provides free produce and groceries to low-wage workers, families, children, seniors and the unemployed in the neighborhood. A band of dedicated volunteers delivers free groceries to homebound seniors.


Foodlyn participated in the Playland on Balboa event in San Francisco in April 2016

 Foodlyn participated in the Playland on Balboa Music Festival event in April 2016.

 Foodlyn donated two large baskets of yummy products for the Raffle to benefit the RDNC

We created two large baskets of delicious food and beautiful artisan wares to donate to the raffle to benefit the RDNC during the festival.

Visitors to the Foodlyn table made donations to the RDNC in return for delicious jars of chutney and bags of nuts

Our table was manned by Dawn Trennert and Frank Cannata, local San Franciscans with deep ties in the community and commitment to giving back.

Our big jar of donation to the RDNC

As an extra surprise for our friends at the RDNC, donations were collected at the Foodlyn table in a giant jar.  Each person providing a donation was awarded with a yummy bag of nuts from Our Daily Eats or a delicious jar of chutney from Holmsted Fines.  Both sell their products on Foodlyn.

Delivery of the surprise jar of donations to Michelle Cusano, Executive Director-RDNC

Big smiles as Dawn surprises Michelle Cusano, Executive Director-RDNC with the jar full of cash donations collected at the Foodlyn table during the event.

Foodlyn will play a major role in the upcoming fundraising event on behalf of the RDNC scheduled on Thursday, October 13, 2016.  There are a few remaining tickets available to the event.  This fundraiser is a benefit for the Food Security Network, which is a partnership between the Richmond District Neighborhood Center and the Richmond Senior Center.  This program connects neighborhood volunteers with mobility impaired seniors for friendship and a weekly delivery of groceries.  

Foodlyn has donated several spectacular items for the silent auction and will be providing a gift bag for each attendee at the end of the event.  

RDNC Wine on the Westside event - October 13, 2016 - San Francisco, CA

Scenes from the 3rd Annual Wine on the Westside event for the benefit of the Richmond District Neighborhood Center.



If you are a resident of San Francisco or own a business in the area, we strongly recommend that you research the Richmond District Neighborhood Center for financial or volunteer support.  This fine organization has programs that deliver needed help in many areas including a food pantry and a home grocery delivery program to disabled seniors or those with limited mobility.  

Weather permitting, the weekly food pantry is set up in a beautiful courtyard next to the main office building.  Community members served by this food pantry "shop" at the various tables, choosing the grocery items needed for the week.  This program is run with exceptional focus on making the experience positive and dignified for each recipient.  Not pictured in this photograph is a large seating area next to the shopping area in which recipients sit, talk and listen to music while they await their turn at the pantry.  This program is amazing.  We were honored to be there.


 Next to the seating area is the community garden. Plants, flowers and vegetables are plentiful.  Attention is paid to conserving water and caring for the plants with natural fertilizers.

Precious hand-painted wood block stepping "stones" were painted by children in the community.

Another favorite hand-painted block - "Flower Power".  Love it.

Bags of groceries prepared for home delivery to disabled or limited mobility senior citizens in the community.  Volunteers are assigned to the same senior each week to allow for a personal relationship to develop.  Sometimes the visit by the volunteer is the only social interaction that the senior will experience that week.  Being a senior citizen can be terribly lonely.  This program is in tune to the needs of these important members of the community in the Richmond District.

Time to set up for the Wine on the Westside event!  The owner of La Promenade Cafe and his exceptional staff were amazing to work with before and during the event.  Foodlyn strongly recommends a stop at this amazing local spot on Balboa Street in the Richmond District if you are visiting the area or are lucky enough to be local in San Francisco!


Boxes and boxes filled with bags donated by Foodlyn.  Each bag contained a jar of Chili Beak, recipes and material describing the relationship between Foodlyn and the Richmond District Neighborhood Center.  Foodlyn donates 25% of profits to community-based organizations fighting hunger including the RDNC.

Setting up the silent auction area inside La Promenade Cafe.  There was great support by local businesses to benefit the programs at the RDNC.

A few of the many hand-forged copper pieces donated by Foodlyn for the silent auction.  These spectacular pieces were made by Beautifully Served by Jill in Colorado.  We might as well admit that we actually bid (repeatedly) to try to win these gorgeous pieces of serveware during the silent auction.  We didn't win, not for lack of trying!  We had to position ourselves outdoors to give away the gift bags as attendees of the event departed during the evening.  Congratulations to the lucky winners.


One more photo of the silent auction.  This painfully adorable wooden scoot bicycle was donated by a local toy store, Tantrum. Come ON!  Could it be any cuter?

Before the crowds arrived to the Wine on the Westside event, we took the opportunity to take some photos inside the beautiful La Promenade Cafe on Balboa Street.  This is one of several amazing murals painted on the walls inside the Cafe.


Set-up is complete!  Employees of the RDNC greet guests and check them in to the Wine on the Westside event.  The tickets sold out - it was a great group of guests!

At the event, Eric Mar (District Supervisor - Richmond District) was honored for his exemplary support of the RDNC during his term in office.  Sarah Huck and Michelle Cusano shared a few of the many ways Mr. Mar supported the organization and their programs over the years.  He proudly wore the RDNC jacket gifted to him during the event!

As the event ended, I recruited some much-needed assistance in handing out the Foodlyn gift bags.  Guests were surprised and happy to receive the delicious Chili Beak oil we donated to thank them for their support of the RDNC.  

Overall, it was an amazing event.  We at Foodlyn were so honored to be included in supporting the fundraising efforts of the Richmond District Neighborhood Center.  We can't wait until next year!!


BED-STUY Campaign Against Hunger in Brooklyn

This organization provides the basic staples of a well-balanced diet to more than 30,00 low-income individuals each month.  Designed to support its clients’ dignity as well as provide nourishment, BSCAH is unusual in allowing its clients to select fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and other staple items according to their preferences — much as they would in a supermarket.

BSCAH is situated at the intersection of the Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville and Ocean Hill neighborhoods of Brooklyn and as a result provides essential emergency food and supplemental social services to residents in all three surrounding neighborhoods. The largest segment of their client population (51%) comprises children. Seniors are the next largest group (28%) of clients and the remaining clients include people with a range of barriers to health and independence (e.g., serious psychiatric or substance abuse issues; serious physical disabilities; past histories of incarceration/ homelessness).

Foodlyn participated in the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger 7th Annual Planter Awards in NYC on May 10, 2016.  Honoree Carla Hall spoke eloquently regarding hunger in our communities and the outstanding work done by BSCAH.

Following the event, Foodlyn visited the BSCAH Urban Farm in Brooklyn.  It was an amazing experience to see row upon row of leafy green vegetables growing in an urban hothouse on what was once a vacant lot in Bed-Stuy.

Some of the most beautiful vegetables are grown in this urban garden!


Foodlyn gift bags ready for delivery to support a volunteer event at the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger gardens on August 3, 2016.  Lucky recipients received a bottle of Tango Chile Sauce.


Foodlyn was on the Host Committee for the Harvest Heroes fundraising event for the benefit of the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger on November 10, 2016.  Here are some scenes from the evening.


Lots of excitement before the start of the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger Harvest Heroes event.

Hard work underway by the chef and staff to prepare delicious and beautifully presented food to the attendees at this special event.

The evening is extra special because the chef for this event was formerly a participant in the programs at the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger.  She was inspired to pursue her dream and eventually completed several intense culinary programs including at the Culinary Institute of America.

All set up and ready for the event!

Dr. Melony Samuels, Founder and Executive Director of the Bed-Stuy Campaign against Hunger, opened the evening with inspirational remarks about the impact of the programs in the community. 

The attendees at the Harvest Heroes event split into groups for a tour of the urban garden.  As a special treat for us, the garden was decked out with pumpkins, hay, dried corn and other decorations for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

In addition to the great work decorating the garden, mint was harvested in the garden and used to make us hot tea to enjoy while on the tour.

Hard to believe we are in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn!

This not-so-scary scarecrow in the urban garden isn't going to frighten anyone!

The urban garden supports the neighboring community.  It produces a significant variety of fresh vegetables and herbs.  The Farm Stand is open each Saturday during the growing and harvest season.

Tomato plants in the urban garden are still producing and will continue to bloom for the next few weeks.


Fresh compost is produced by the volunteers.  Week after week they do the very hard work of turning the compost over with shovels to produce the highest quality product for use in the urban garden.

Two excellent participants in the Bed-Stuy urban garden program helped us tour the planting area and the hot house.  They explained the process of planting seedlings and the hard work required to nurture the plants into healthy mature plantings.  Both students told us that they have become organic vegetable lovers!  

At the end of the evening, each event attendee was surprised with a goodie bag from Foodlyn.  Each bag contained a bottle of Tango Chile Sauce!

It was a fantastic evening for the benefit of the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger.  The dedication of the employees and volunteers to supporting the community is admirable and extraordinary.


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