If You Only Bake One More Summer Dessert, Let It Be This


Marian Burros plum torte this. Marian Burros plum torte that.

The recipe is cherished and foolproof and time-tested. It's so beloved and requested that, as Kristen Miglore pointed out in Genius Recipes—which of course included the dessert—when the New York Times published the recipe for the sixth year in a row, they gave it the headline, "Once More (Sigh), the Plum Torte."

I myself had baked so many of these cakes this summer that, while I was by no means torte-tired, my eyes began to wander. I started scouring the internet for something different to do with the ten to twelve prune plums I'm obligated to buy every time I spot them.

“Marian's crumble isn't world-renowned the way its cakey cousin is. But that doesn't mean it's not deserving of fame and fortune.”

—Luisa Weiss

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