Spoiled Rotten Vinegar

Junction City, OR

Blackstrap Vinegar

Boasting a flavor to rival the Italian native, Balsamic Aceto - Blackstrap vinegar offers a mild acidity and sweetness paired with the mineral accents of molasses. Quite unique. The lower acidity makes Blackstrap a great finishing vinegar for drizzling on prepared foods. Reduce it to a syrup to pair with meats, cheese, and deserts.  Use it to create an elegant vinaigrette. Or, marinate game or pork for a delicious entree.  This original Spoiled Rotten Vinegar recipe is made with Organic Molasses in small, 15 gallon batches aged in oak for up to 8 months. The ingredients were thoughtfully chosen, combined and left to transform in the traditional orleans method of fermentation. Over time, nature developed the flavor and acidity until just right, at which point, the vinegar was sealed as a single batch and allowed to mellow from 2 to 4 weeks before it was strained, pasteurized and bottled. 

$ 18.00

/per bottle

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