San Francisco, CA

Cardamom Knows Zest

seville orange marmalade
with cardamom

Seville oranges + Sri Lankan cardamom combine to create an elegant and aromatic marmalade with julienned peel and only a touch of bitterness.

Seville oranges are perfect for marmalade with their flavorful, deep orange peel and juice that packs a pucker. Our marmalade is infused with slender threads of peel with almost no pith, giving it a rich citrus flavor but only a hint of bitterness. Our Seville oranges come from an organic farm near Orland run by a husband and wife team.

Our Fairtrade cardamom is from Sri Lanka and certified organic. We shell and grind it ourselves to capture the freshest cardamom flavor.

$ 8.99

/per jar
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