Dark Chocolate Spicy Almond Tortoise

Ashby Confections

Scotts Valley, CA

$ 8.99

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Our Tortoises are one of our most popular products because, well, that's why we call them "Tortoises" instead of "Turtles"; they're huge (about the size of the palm of your hand) and there are two in every order!

We like to say that our Dark Chocolate Spicy Almond Tortoises are: "Savory yet Sweet, with a Little Salt and a Little Heat."

Ashby Confections are unique because we strive for balance. We never try to beat our customer's taste buds to death with too much sweetness, saltiness, artificial flavors or, for that matter, spiciness, in this case, Chiles.

Compared to a Milk Chocolate Pecan Tortoise, there's no question you will notice the spiciness, but again, it's all in the blend, the balance of contrasts, that make this Tortoise much like a certain well-known potato chip; You can't eat just one!

Our Dark Chocolate Spicy Almond Tortoises begin with a generous spoonful of our Handmade Red Chile-Pepper Infused Caramel (we use very large spoons; every dollop of Caramel is about the size of the palm of your hand!). Then they are loaded with toasted Almonds. Finally they are are topped with 70% Fair Trade Dark Chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt and red pepper flakes. They are sweet, savory, salty and spicy all at once and are perfect for the lover of spicy foods.

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