Civilized Coffee Co

Jacksonville, FL

Espresso Chili Rub - Steak and Barbecue Seasoning 9oz

  • TRUE BARBEQUE Perfect for Grilling or the Smoker adds sweet, savory, smoky and coffee rich flavors

  • AMAZING BBQ Rub, Sauces, Blackening, Dry Rub, Butt Seasoning, Hot Sauces, Chili & Marinades

  • SPICE UP YOUR GAME Popcorn Seasoning, Salad Dressing, Grilled Vegetables, Potatoes, Salmon Rub & Nachos

  • SEASONINGS AND SPICES Combination of Chilis, Espresso Coffee, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika & Mustard

$ 14.95

/per jar
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