Fall 2017

by Molly Bradley

Pull on a cozy sweater and dig in to these supremely seasonal recipes.

Of all the seasonal transitions, fall has got to be the best of all. There’s nothing but beauty to behold: the changing leaves, the relief of a cool bite in the air, and, of course, all the classically fall foods to eat.

We’ve rounded up some classic and some unusual fall recipes so that you can start the season equipped to enjoy it to its fullest. So as you bust out your scarves and sweaters, pick up some chai spices and pick some apples, because your kitchen’s about to get autumnal as heck.

  • Apple Maple Bourbon


Here’s something different to do with all those apples you picked. And to include even more classic fall flavors, pick up Cocktail Crate’s Maple Whiskey Sour mixer. The result? A healthy, tangy, adult drink to ring in the season.

  • Baked Dona Chai Donuts


If you’ve never made your own donuts, there’s no time like the present. The only special equipment you’ll need is a donut baking pan — no need to fry! — and Dona Chai’s chai tea concentrate, which will come in handy for a whole host of other recipes we’ll toss your way this fall & winter. (And, honestly, throughout the year: chai is never out of season.)

The instructions are as simple as any other baking recipe, and they yield a beautiful batch of donuts that serve wonderfully as a sweet breakfast treat, a snack, or even dipped in your coffee or tea.



  • Chai Plum Compote


As we move through our summer fruits, plums tend to hang on through early fall. Pick up some fresh plums at a farmer’s market and make this delicious, spice-infused compote to serve with yogurt, over ice cream, or just to eat plain.

  • Green Curry Pot Pie


Nothing says fall like diving back into your hot-dish repertoire. This is the perfect meal to make just as the air starts to cool down and the leaves start to look like they want to change.
The best thing about this recipe? The hardest parts are pretty much already done for you. Watcharee makes an incredible jarred green curry sauce, and with that in hand (rather, in pantry), you’re halfway to your pot pie already.

  • Chai Spice Creamy Freezer Cake


...because we can’t let go of summer, but we’re stoked for fall flavors. On top of its obvious perks, this recipe is completely vegan. All you have to do is soak some cashews overnight, grab that Dona Chai again (we told you it would come in handy), and scrape a vanilla bean, and you’re a high-speed blend away from the most mouthwatering freezer cake you’ve ever tasted.

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