Gustus Vitae Condiments

Pasadena, CA

Gourmet Finishing Sea Salts Collection 5-Tins

The five tin Gourmet Finishing Salts Collection includes five of the finest finishing salts, including our the special Italian Black Winter Truffle Sea Salt, made with at least 6% Italian melanosporum truffles. The collection also includes Naturally Smoked Sea Salt (the only ingredient is sea salt!), Ancho Chile Sea Salt, Paprika Sea Salt, Red Cayenne Sea Salt, plus a custom California-made rectangular stainless steel plate for handsome gift-giving and easy mounting on any surface. Each artisan finishing salt is exceptional exceptional in its own way. The rich balance of warmth and intensity of our Paprika Sea Salt; the robust mix of smokey and spicy of our Ancho Chile Sea Salt; the powering intense smoky flavor of our Naturally Smoked Sea Salt; the sharp, biting flavor of Red Cayenne Sea Salt; and the impossibly deep flavor of the Italian Black Winter Truffle Sea Salt. 

Certified non-GMO, all-natural, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free.  Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.

$ 60.00

/per set

Italian Black Winter Truffle Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Italian Melanosporum Black Truffle. Natural Smoked Sea Salt: Naturally Smoked Sea Salt. Ancho Chile Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Chili Peppers. Red Cayenne Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Red Peppers. Paprika Sea Salt: Sea Salt and Paprika

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