Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce

Philadelphia, PA

Green Sauce 5oz

Flavor Profile:
Green Sauce is a jalapeno and white wine vinegar based sauce. We use white wine vinegar to give this sauce a light crisp tangy flavor and snap that compliments the jalapenos, tomatillos, and banana peppers. Green Sauce is a mildly heated crisp and refreshing pepper sauce, reminiscent of a flavorful pepper relish. Cilantro and dill are used to bring out the natural flavors of the Jalapenos, tomatillos and the sweetness of the banana peppers.

Flavor Travel:
Green Sauce starts with a crisp bite of jalapenos and white wine vinegar followed up with a tomatillo, cilantro and dill style relish-like flavor. A Light and tangy, mildly heated green vegetable aftertaste leaves you wanting more of this deliciously easygoing sauce.

$ 8.95

/per bottle
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