Simply Ghee

Lancaster, PA

Honey Ghee 8.3oz

Caramelized soft buttery ghee + golden honey!

 Our ingredients are simple ones: local pure, pasteurized, golden wildflower honey and Simply Ghee. One may be reminded of a refined caramel popcorn – mellow, caramel-ly and not overly sweet. The perfect spread for cinnamon raisin toast, muffins, pancakes or waffles, cornbread (whoa!) or even roasted squash, yams and hams. Great as a sandwich spread, delish on pretzels… even your finger!

Of course never refrigerate! It ruins the flavor and becomes hard. Please know it’s been lab tested and is perfectly shelf-stable. Keep the lid on tightly and store it in your pantry (not too far out of sight). Remember no double dipping! Always use a clean utensil or wipe it with a dry cloth before dipping back into the jar.

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