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Birmingham, MI

Mediterranean Za'atar Dry Roasted Almonds 1.4oz

Our Levantine Za'atar Almonds offer a rich and savory blend of Fresh Thyme, Ground Sumac, and Toasted Sesame. Its balance of deep herbalaromas and tangy bite, truly make it the spice of life. 

Harnessing one of the most ancient and revered spice blends in the world, our authentic Levantine Za'atar Almonds pack a punch of biblical proportions. This sumac-centered mixture has string historical ties to Abrahamic religions and remains a revered mainstay across the Middle East. A little goes a long way with the delicious blend of za'atar, and just one bite will prove it.

Purchase includes 12-packages of almonds.

$ 24.00

/per 12-pack

Almonds, za'atar (ground sumac, spices, sesame seed, salt, canola oil), tapioca starch. CONTAINS TREE NUTS

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