Alice & the Magician

Burlington, VT

London Dry Cocktail Aromatic 9mL

Cocktail Aromatics are designed to be a true-to-nature expression of all the aromas you would experience when using the freshest ingredients.  As flavor is 80-90% aroma, it is possible to transform and enhance flavor by misting on top where they will hover and transport you with every sip.  "London Dry" captures everything in the aroma that you would find in a London Dry Gin, except it is fresh!  Short, prickly shrubs sit on the edge of cliffs in central North America, protecting their prized blue berries hidden within the sharp needles. The sharp, piney aroma of the juniper berry is a central ingredient that provides the full experience of gin. Bottle makes up to 120 cocktails.

$ 18.00

/per bottle
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