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Moondance Michelada Mix 12.7oz

Moondance Michelada Mix creates the most authentic Michelada that includes the perfect blend of seasonings, spices and lime.  Made in small batches with top quality ingredients, the mix is very concentrated.  A little goes a long way with flavors bold enough to wake the dead. 

Just Add beer! For an authentic Michelada, salt the rim of a mug, add 1-2 Tbsp of Moondance Michelada mix, squeeze a fresh lime and serve over ice with your favorite beer.

Want it spicier? Add more hot sauce. More tart? Add more lime. More of a kick? Add vodka or tequila. Try it with Clamato or tomato juice for a Chavela. Moondance Michelada Mix also makes the perfect marinade for steaks, chicken, fish, or even tofu.

$ 8.99

/per bottle

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