Hella Company

New York, NY

Orange Bitters 5oz

Our orange formula fulfills the needs of even the most demanding cocktail menu. A superior, Orange forward formula relying on the purity and simplicity of real ingredients. No orange extracts here, just real skins. The aromatic spice blend completes this dynamic and full bodied Orange bitters. House-blend no longer required.

Odds are you already know a lot of cocktail recipes that use orange bitters in their ingredient list.  Here's a twist...shake up some Virgin Cosmopolitans for your next brunch or luncheon.  This fruity non-alcoholic cocktail is both refreshing and beautiful.  Mix 4-parts cranberry juice with 1-part each of fresh lime juice, orange juice, and simple syrup.  Add 2-dashes of orange bitters.  Shake with ice and serve with an orange twist.  Don't feel like a virgin?  You know what to do.  

$ 19.99

/per bottle

Water, alcohol, caramel, orange peel, gentian, spices

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