Allstar Organics

Woodacre, CA

Organic Spearmint Sugar 7.5oz

Use Allstar Organics Spearmint Sugar to bring the fresh, uplifting flavor and fragrance of spearmint to any dish. Use this highly fragrant herbal sugar to sweeten tea, lemonade, or fruit drinks. A great addition to any bartenders shelf, use Spearmint Sugar to coat the rims of eggnog cups and cocktail glasses, and to sweeten cocktails such as Mojitos and Mint Juleps. Spearmint Sugar is great paired with chocolate. Use in making hot chocolate from scratch or to sweeten whipped creme for topping cocoa or chocolate cake. A wonderful minty touch over frozen or fresh yogurt. 

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Certified organic, fair-traded evaporated cane juice, certified organic spearmint  

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