San Francisco, CA

Plum and Get It

king flavor pluot jam
with honeysuckle essence

2019 Good Food Awards Winner!

Intensely fruity, King Flavor pluots are kissed with honeysuckle for a taste of childhood.

Our King Flavor pluots come from a family-run organic orchard near Chico. They have a rich, sweet flavor and a sensational bouquet. Since they are 70% plum and 30% apricots, their skin are tart, producing to a tangy and sweet jam.

Our European honeysuckle water is from Mynamar (also known as Burma). It’s a tender and delicate flavor, floral and honey-like as one might imagine. If you ever ate/drank honeysuckle nectar from a flower as a child, this is it!

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$ 8.95

/per jar

Organic pluots, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemons, honeysuckle floral water

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