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Spread the Love Gift Set

This set is jam-packed with three flavors with a little love cooked right into their names: Rose to the Grindstone (Arctic Star nectarine jam with rose essence), Midnight in Pearis (Bosc pear butter with vanilla + nutmeg), Sublemonal Message (Meyer lemon marmalade with ginger).

Each of our jams is carefully crafted using fruit from local, organic farms harvested at the peak of ripeness. We combine them with Fairtrade, organic sugar + spices to help farmers in developing countries so your gift not only tastes damn good, but also does good.

The box features the same elegant hand drawings from our labels for a striking presentation and includes expert cheese pairing notes, recipes cards and a handwritten gift note, so your giftee can make the most of your gift.  Send desired personalized message for your gift to shop@foodlyn.com

set contains three of our five ounce jars.

$ 26.95

/per box
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