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In today’s world the success of most companies, no matter what their service or product, depends on the speed and convenience at which they operate. Our internet must never falter, text messages must always send and transportation better be on time. The food industry is no exception to this 21st century rule. Many restaurants today operate in an industry named after this modern phenomenon, the industry of “fast food”. Ordering food for delivery, tracking its progress online and then rating the experience is what so many services now stake their reputation on. These and so many other features are aimed at delivering us, the consumer, a better experience - but at what cost? What is it that we are losing as our culture slowly succumbs to the temptations of speed? These are questions that Slow Food USA has been asking for 30 years since its movement’s birth in Italy and they work to answer these problems with definitive solutions. In the movement’s manifesto, Slow Food asserts that going forward we must abandon our blind pursuit of speed in order to remember and rediscover the importance of GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food. From these three founding principles, Slow Food is reminding us what today’s food has lost by proclaiming what we must now seek to achieve. It is far time that food again be nutritious and provide each of us with the fuel needed to lead healthy, happy lives. Far time that the production of our food nourishes and strengthens our planet. And far time that food access is equitable and collaborative. 

It is these ideals that have led Foodlyn to support and become a member of Slow Foods USA. We stand with this organization and their movement in the fight to improve all-things food in our 21st century world. As more and more people today become aware and concerned with the state of this industry, consumers are using their wallets as a way to express their desire for change. Farmer’s Markets are sprouting up in new places and an attention to local, organic food is on the rise. We at Foodlyn are working to elevate and empower small food makers across the country who produce their food with the inspired mentality that Slow Foods is working to expand into every corner of this world. We thank you Slow Food for the invaluable work you are doing in pursuit of a healthier, happier and more equitable future.

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