Paleo Butter Co

Port Washington, NY

Turmeric Ghee 7.8oz

Our classic fermented ghee is combined with organic turmeric, as well as other delicious spices for a robust and exquisite flavor.  Turmeric (specifically curcumin) has long been revered for its anti-inflammatory benefits.  Turmeric turns the ghee a glowing bright, almost neon yellow.  You'll notice we add lots of spices, some settling may occur and this is natural.  We're pleased to bring this next flavor into our ghee family, and we believe you'll want to do the same.  Best for adding flavor to savory dishes.    Never any salt or preservatives.  We admire and respect the tradition of "farm-to-table" so we take great pride in purchasing only from local dairy farmers.

Paleo Butter is ghee reimagined.  Grass fed cream from NYS farmers is fermented for 3-days in the traditional French method.  Next, it is churned into rich and flavorful butter.  The butter is transformed into ultra clarified ghee, free of lactose or casein.

$ 12.95

/per jar

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