Up Mountain Switchel

New York, NY

Up Mountain Maté Switchel 16oz

South American farmers use Yerba Mate in much the same way that North American farmers used switchel. So why not mix these two traditional American farmers’ drinks together? To make Up Mountain Maté Switchel, we get our 100% organic maté from a company who works to preserve South America’s rainforest through their practices.  We brew the maté together with our core recipe in our proprietary way, and the result is a perfectly balanced, boundary breaking “half and half” drink. There truly isn’t a more invigorating beverage out there than Up Mountain Maté Switchel. Our signature fresh ginger spice, the tartness from the apple cider vinegar, the delicate maple sweetness, and now the earthy but bright tea flavor imparted by yerba maté creates an unparalleled refresher that also has a wicked zing!  Up Mountain Switchel ships FREE!

$ 20.00

/per pack
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